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This is a gif of Misha in the middle of talking about the fact that while he built his house he lived in his backyard under a carport and had to shower with a hose and go across the street to the library to use the bathroom for about two years because that was all he could afford. 

I just want to say this: For someone who has constantly had so little in his life, the fact that he became someone who gives so much and loves so much and inspires so many is amazing.

i have just recently realized the life this man had before when i found out he self harmed i seriously curled up and cried because several reasons he gave me hope second of all i just wanted to travel to the past and hug him and tell him that one day he would be an angel and he would go somewhere in life when and have millions of fans and be famous and that it would all be okay and just sit there with him because i know that thats all that i want and i just i loved him but now i just LOVE HIM because guys he made it he srvived and look at what he became he became him the misha we know the happy bubbly misha with a great personality and i just can fucking even hes so great 

This makes me feel…

In life, the people with little or who always had little tend to give what they have, even if they have nothing, because they know that their is someone out their who has less. Those people in life that give everything they have to better someone else’s life, even if that means that they are left with nothing themselves, in the end are truly the angels and the light of this dark and corrupted world.

okay seriously I’m crying now. This is beautiful and sad.

I love him so much, even more now that I know what he’s been through. Yesterday I saw this post and I didn’t read it all the way through and I kinda regret that a little. Going from where he was then to where he is now is a beautiful and amazing opportunity, one that so few get. I’m so glade he is happy now and is the beautiful, funny, crazy Misha we have today. As far as the self harm goes, I feel like he can relate to so many of us that deal with that every day. He understands because he’s been through it. I, personal, have never put a blade to my skin, nor will I ever think of it when I feel I should again. I did what Misha did once with a pen on my arm. Wrote out every word I felt I was, every word I was feeling, and it nearly broke me. This man, this one man, gives me so much hope in my life. Because he went through it, he beat the odds and now is doing something nearly every day to give back. To me, he is truly beautiful, inside and out. I really wish there were more people like him in the world. I really do.

it upsets me that literally all I can say is I’m in tears. Cause this is truly damn beautiful and emotional and it means so much. Not only is Misha truly wonderful and has been through so much and look at where he is now. It’s amazing and inspirational.  That it should also make you realize all of you are. All of us. It shows that no matter where you are at or what you think of yourself you can truly make the best of life and be amazing. We are all beautiful and I think that’s something that Misha would like everyone to realize.

Wow I never knew any of that about Misha….how inspiring to see what he has become!

It’s this exact reason that I have such a deep admiration for him. He is my hero and inspiration to be a better person. I relate to him on so many levels and he is a true role model. I love him, not like I lust after him, but I truly and deeply admire and care for him.

He never blames his life on anyone or anything. He never blamed God or the universe. He just accepted it amd made the best out of what he was given. You’d never hear him pity himself for any of it. He is so strong, stronger than I thought a person could be. I hope I can be half the person he is.

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